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Support FAQ

Client Email Setup

1. Open your favorite email client program
2. Locate the pop settings
3. Enter full email address for your username
4. Enter your password
5. Enter incoming mail server “”
6. Enter outgoing mail server “”
7. Incoming port without SSL “110”
    With SSL “995”
8. Outgoing port without SSL “25” or “80” or “3535”
    With SSL “465”

For further information follow the link:

Billing / Monthly Invoice

  • We bill on the 1st of every month for that month.
  • The bill is due on the 21st of that month.
  • When our bill comes in the mail it is an invoice of that month only.
  • There is a total of how much you owe in the main statement if you are behind.
  • The total due now is the amount past due.
  • The amount billed on the 1st is not due until the 21st therefore it will not show “due now.”
  • We automatically slow all accounts down to dial up speeds accounts with late payments and a $25.00 reconnect fee if there is three open invoices.


In order to save you a service fee of $50.00 please follow the steps below:

Reboot our Radio:

1. Locate the POE (Power over Ethernet) device
2. Our cable coming into your house plugs into this to provide power to our radio
3. Unplug the power to the POE until the LED light goes out (wait 5 seconds)
4. Plug power back in
5. Make sure all cables are connected properly
6. Wait 1 minute for all devices to sync up
7. Attempt to connect to the Internet

Reboot your Router:

1. Unplug power to your router for 15 seconds
2. Plug power back into your router
3. Wait 1 minute for router to sync up
4. Attempt to connect to the Internet

Testing if it is our network or yours that is not working properly:

1. Unplug our cable from your router and plug it into a computer
2. Wait 1 minute for it to sync up
3. Go to Speedtest to run a speedtest and see what your ping time is
4. Do the same test while running through your router to see if there is a difference